Levanta's Staff Application

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Levanta's Staff Application

Post by Levanta on Sat Jul 09, 2016 11:47 pm

Name: Levanta/(If you are Mango) Vanisher

Age: 15


How long have you been playing on the server?:Two Weeks? Maybe more? I played on the server known as "Diverse" (Meem) since the first day.

Have any staff members recommended you?:Sure. Meerkat, I guess sure Blacklight cause he put me up to this.

Any Experience: Yes, I served as an admin on the GMOD HaloRP server known as Legion, as well as it's more meem like "RekNet".

Hours on GMOD:853 Hours at this current time.

Why do you want to become a Staff Member?: I wish to become a staff member on Gaming of Clones because I have heard (no names) that the server is currently not doing to well, and I most definitely do not want this server to go down, because then the only one with people I know would be EvoGaming, and that is DarkRP. I am joking, but I do want to support the server, and do anything I can to help it.

Why you? Why not someone else?: Not necessarily any true reason why, I don't want to look like someone that full of themselves. I guess the fact I have known people on the server for over half a year could be one, but of course there are probably people who know them for longer, so that doesn't really work. I guess me because you can trust me, and I am dedicated. Just got that out of my stock warehouse next door.

Anything else?:Krayt's negative reply is bias (Meem, I'm joking Krayt.) Anyhow, thanks for taking your limited time to read this.


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